Grab Bars


Grab Bar Installation in Wilmington, Delaware

Avoid slips and falls in the bathroom with B. Lawrence Homes’ sturdy grab bars. For installations in Delaware, call 302-559-1779!

B. Lawrence Homes doesn’t just offer paint services. We also do grab bar installation. Our team serves homeowners in Wilmington, Delaware and the surrounding areas. As a BBB-accredited business, we are dedicated to delivering quality service at an affordable price.

Reason to Install Grab Bars

Bathroom accidents are among the most common household risks, but these can be prevented. Avoid slips and falls in your own home with our dependable services. We value aesthetics, promptness, and safety when we do our work. Whether for your kitchen or shower, we install different kinds of grab bars and safety rails anywhere you find these essential. Our installation services are ADA-compliant, guaranteed to suit the needs of persons with disabilities, the elderly, and every family member.

  • Straight Grab Bars – These are the most basic and versatile type of bars. We can install them in three directions depending on your needs. For people with arthritis, having a vertical bar will help your balance. Have a horizontal bar when you need more mobility like getting in and out of a wheelchair or propping yourself up. Diagonal bars help you smoothly transition from sitting to standing.
  • Toilet Bars and Rails – Toilet bars are designed to help you sit on or stand up from a toilet. These provide extra stability and mobility, especially to those who have balance issues. We have the expertise to determine the correct bar length, type, and mounting position according to the household’s overall needs.
  • Shower and Bathtub Grab Bars – These give you balance when you step in or out of a shower or tub. We’ll make sure your shower grab bars are perfectly located for any family member’s use.

Before installation, we evaluate the space, from the walls’ condition to the area’s size. Dealing with shower safety requires keen attention to detail. Contact us today for a consultation! For reliable bar installation, call B. Lawrence Homes at 302-559-1779. We’re open Mondays to Fridays, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.