Exterior Painting


An exquisite residential painting job would not be complete without an awesome home exterior paint. If you want to get the most out of your home’s unique structure, you need a residential exterior painting contractor who can help you complement your home’s palette. B. Lawrence Homes can help you choose the suitable exterior paint to flatter your home’s aesthetics. When painting house exterior, owner, Brian Scott, visits every home for an onsite consultation before he uses a single drop of paint. We like to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your exterior painting contractor. Part of fulfilling this commitment is through careful planning and knowing just how much we’re taking on. The list below is in no way definitive, we’re always updating our exterior wall painting checklist, but if you want an idea of what our home exterior paint process looks like, here are some of the general steps we take:

  • Doors – If you have specific exterior doors that need house painting exterior, we will take a look at them. This includes making sure that any brass is covered up before painting and finding the best colors to compliment your home’s new paint scheme. We want to make your outside doors stand out!
  • Decks/Special Features – If you have any specialty features that need our attention, we will take a look at them. For all projects, we will make a careful inspection in order to determine the best approach to accomplish the task.
  • Painting Unique Materials – Depending on your home’s exterior, we will find the most durable and best quality product to make your home beautiful.

A reliable exterior painting contractor is one that will provide the best possible product. For your nextresidential painting job, contact B. Lawrence Homes, we have the skills and knowledge to make your home stand out! Click Here to View and Print Our Completion Checklist